This is the place for true catch wrestling in DFW. I’ve been training here since 2018. The instructors are skilled and dedicated to ensuring their students excel. The classes allow for lots of individualized attention in a spirit of honor and respect. All skill levels and ages are welcome (from teens to 50 somethings), and everyone works together in developing their skills and abilities. The facilities are clean and the mat space generous. If you want to practice old school catch as catch can wrestling you need to be here. – Matt Chaney


Bryan is an awesome instructor and a true martial artist who has a unique perspective on teaching in this era. My son and I train in the catch wrestling program and always feel at ease with the class structure and with our fellow training partners. We feel at home and there’s no place we’d rather train. – Brandon Henson


The catch wrestling classes are great – good instruction and it’s a fun time rolling with everyone. I started with no prior experience and have learned a ton in a short amount of time. – Austin Kringle