Grappling Program

Fort Worth Grappling Academy

Looking for real-life experience in self-defense skills? Not looking for competition setting and just interested in challenging your body and getting in great shape?

We have what you are looking for and more….lot more to offer!

Our authentic catch wrestling program is an amazing workout to meet your goals and gives you the results that you are looking to gain.

Catch wrestling challenges your mind and body in learning authentic grappling where it all originated and suitable and practical self-defense and martial art that has been developed with the concepts, leverage, and technique at its core. We have students from across the city including Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) training the best grappling program in DFW.

Our academy’s focus is not on competition like most places, but on developing a better and stronger you.

No experience is required! You come train, learn, grow and become stronger and better.

Here’s what you will learn in Catch Wrestling

  • Develop fast reflexes and speed
  • Practical and real self-defense applications
  • Self-confidence through training
  • Gain endurance and energy
  • An amazing stress reliever
  • Get in shape and have an amazing endurance
  • Meet great people that are in the same path
  • Most of all have FUN!



Catch Wrestling is a dominant discipline for self-defense that truly delivers and there is something for everyone. We are committed to working with people with  non-experience or experience from across our city. You will work with the best instructors on a detailed step-by-step instructions as you learn to develop your skills a safe. We are an ego-free, educational establshment where you can avoid injury and intimidation.


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